Client: Solo project
Role: Concept, UX/UI
Software: Figma
Duration: 5 weeks

Cloud is an AI powdered cloud doodle app for Governors Island. Users can take photos of clouds, create and share cloud doodles, and learn about cloud types.


In the city that never sleeps, Governors Island is a weekend getaway for New Yorkers to escape the fast paced city life. The island has 120 acres of open space and car-free environment, allowing visitors to enjoy various recreational activities such as picnicking, biking, and relaxing with family and friends.

When I was given the task of designing a mobile app for Governors Island, I thought about my many trips to the island which consisted of catching up with friends on a grass field. We would have picnics, read books, and people watch.

Fig 1. Brainstorming possibilities for my app

Due to time constraints, I was unable to conduct user interviews. Instead, I looked up Google reviews on Governors Island to find more information on who are the people visiting the island, and how they spent their time there. I found that people who left reviews were mostly New York City residents and occasional tourists.

I started brainstorming possibilities for my product design, starting with the most commonly mentioned activities. People who typically come to Governors Island stay for a couple of hours; they are looking to relax with family and friends, connect with nature, and escape from the city. I wanted my app to embody what Governors Island represented: a peaceful retreat. What is something that can be done to pass time, with little to no equipment, and suitable for both children and adults? Cloud watching was my answer.

Comparative Analysis

My initial idea was to design a cloud watching app where users could take and share photos of clouds, and learn about different cloud types. However, upon conducting my analysis on existing cloud watching apps (CloudSpotter, Atmosphere, and Cloud-a-Day), I discovered that all of them incorporated similar features.

As I questioned how I could separate my app from competitors, I thought about what made cloud watching enjoyable. The fun of cloud watching lies in identifying clouds that resemble things in real life. This became my opportunity for the solution: an app for cloud doodles.

Fig 2. Initial sketches of signature moments
User Personas
Click on the circles above to view all 3 user personas.
Journey Map

The story I ended up telling imagines one of my user personas, Ariel, trying the app for the first time. She is a middle school science teacher and wants to incorporate an activity to supplement her meteorology lessons.

Fig 3. Ariel's journey map
Fig 4. Low fidelity wireframes
Final Designs

I decided to showcase Cloud through a series of short vignettes that captured signature moments. The six moments I chose to focus on were: creating an account; filtering through different cloud doodles on the home screen; taking a photo and doodling over it; uploading a picture and changing cloud type; learning about different types of clouds; and viewing user profile.

Fig 5. A user creating an account

↑ The first moment of my user flow shows a user creating an account.