SPOONS is a visual novel game based on the spoons theory, a term used to describe the energy a mentally/chronically ill or disabled person has in a given day and the amount of energy certain actions use up. The player lives through an average day as a person afflicted with a mental/chronic illness (kept vague on purpose), making decisions that seem simple and easy to make, but have a great effect. The player must manage their spoons, mental health, and physical health, and aim to be the healthiest they can be, keeping in mind that running out of spoons is an instant game over. The game is meant to show abled people the struggles of those with "invisible" illnesses, so that mentally ill and chronically ill people can start getting the understanding and help they need.
This game is our general portrayal of how mental/chronic illness affects an individual. This does not represent everyone’s experience with mental/chronic illness.
How to Play
Left click or press any key to read the next line in the story. Be mindful when you are selecting your answer choices! The actions you choose to take will either increase or lower your mental and physical health. In addition, certain actions will cost more spoons than others.